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Rolfing Structural Integration® is a form of manual therapy that seeks to improve the body’s function through improving alignment. Throughout life, the human body is constantly under the influence of gravity.  Every person is just a little different and responds a little differently to the environment. As humans, though, there are certain things we all have in common and we all have to contend with on a daily basis.  For each body, there is an optimal postural arrangement that creates the most efficient and comfortable movement.  However, our bodies change throughout our lives and this optimal arrangement changes over time. Rolfers™ recognize the events of a person’s life, whether significant trauma, chronic conditions, or habit can have significant influences on the way a person’s body interacts with gravity.  The resulting patterns can sometimes become so ingrained that they seem permanent and immutable.  However, for almost everyone these patterns can usually be altered to varying degrees.

Rolfing in Anchorage works through a systematic, head to toe approach, combining direct manual manipulation of the body’s muscles, tendons and ligaments; with movement education, to break down old patterns of posture and movement. Rolfing focuses on balancing the whole body rather than addressing specific symptoms.  Often the release of held tension in one part of the body can relieve tension in others through the pathways of connective tissue that support the body throughout.  This creates greater ease and range of motion, and provides an opportunity for the client to explore new patterns of movement that may serve them better than the old ones.

Rolfing at Interactive Health has been effective at creating lasting results for people with a wide variety of needs and goals. Common problems addressed though Rolfing include but are not limited to: Back issues, chronic pain, TMJ, hand and foot issues, and shoulder and hip issues.  Rolfing is also effective at improving performance among athletes and dancers.  Most people can benefit from the effects of the Rolfing process, regardless of age and condition.  For more information on Rolfing and how it can help you, please call or stop by Interactive Health in Anchorage.  Our Certified Rolfer™ will be happy to talk with you.


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